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Post-It Note Pile Up

All great ideas start out with a Post it note. At least mine do. That pile in the picture below, is what my kitchen counter looked like recently (although the pile is in a constant state of flux). All those pieces of paper, all the scribbles and sketches represent an idea just waiting to materialize. Some have been there a long time. Some have changed priority. While others have made it from my head to the counter and then stalled only to be diverted into file 13 aka the trash. This happens because after looking at the once thought brilliant idea, I decided maybe it was not so great after all.  Others have reached their full potential and disappeared off the pile forever becoming the finished product that they were meant to be.

Post-It notes, scrap paper, napkins, and an occasional recording device are how I am able to keep up with the flow of ideas that come to me. The amount of designs I want to bring to reality can get overwhelming at times if I think about it too long, but right now, that struggle has lessened a little as I have just been able to eliminate one of those post it notes, the one that had written on it to design a WordPress website. This too was a struggle at times as I redesigned the site three times, before it became what you see today. I may be guilty of over-thinking at times, but I make no apology for wanting to get the details right even though it may take a little longer. Once the idea is accomplished, the sense of relief and joy far outweighs any frustrations and time it took to get there. There is nothing like seeing an idea fulfilled. It is as Proverbs states, a “tree of life.”

I pray that the ideas never stop coming. That the creativity continues to flow until the day that I am no more. Being creative energizes me. It excites me. It is one of my great passions and legacies in life. May it be yours as well.


  1. I love this- it’s exactly how I go about my inspiration. I’m a writer, and there have been too many times when I’ve bought a brand new notepad in a coffee shop because I had to write something down. I’ve even done it on the back of train tickets. Ridiculous. Alas my new house-mate has turned this lovely way of inspiration into passive-aggressive post-it note leaving (see full saga and photographic evidence on my blog). She’s ruining post-it note inspiration time for me. This is awesome though, great blog. x

    • wayne

      Thanks Rhiannon! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that uses this technique. I checked out your blog- sad that your house-mate would degrade this beautiful means of capturing inspiration 🙂 Keep writing and creating! -w

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