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Tribute to Winter

With winter quickly approaching, at least here in the United States, I thought it appropriate to post a tribute to my favorite nature artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Although he uses a variety of natural elements in his works- stones, leaves, sticks, grass, feathers, and many other such things, I thought it fitting to only post some pictures as it pertains to winter with his use of snow and ice. Because of his choice to use nature as his artistic materials, his masterpieces quickly becomes obsolete, but thankfully he captures them on film immortalizing them forever. Thank you, Mr. Goldsworthy for your contribution to the art world and thank you for your vision to see something amazing in the simplicity of nature.

Frozen patch of snow each section carved with a stick carried about 150 paces, several broken along the way began to thaw as day warmed up Brough, Cumbria March 1984


Icicle spire Brough, Cumbria 8 January 1985

Ice on Ice Ilkley, Yorkshire January 1980

Snow ball in trees Clapham, Yorkshire March 1979

Ragwort and nettle stalks thin end of one struck up wider hollow end of another wide ends joined with short thin piece thin ends joined with short thick piece freezing cold day, calm froze solid and remained for several days Brough, Cumbria 15 December 1981

Balanced ice column Helbeck Craggs, Cumbria 5 January 1985

Images: © Andy Goldsworthy via Andy Goldsworthy Digital Catalogue

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