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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial- Photomerge

Photomerge icon

I recently came across an amazing tool in Photoshop called Photomerge. This tool allows you to make panoramic pictures as well as piece items together relatively seamlessly. Let’s get started! First let’s make a panoramic picture. This is how the finished product will look:

Parthenon Pediment & Frieze

For this tutorial I will use pictures from my visit to the Parthenon in Nashville. We will make one picture from the two that I took of the pediment and frieze.

PF Both

1. First open Photomerge in Photoshop by choosing File > Automate > Photomerge. It should look like the one below:

Photomerge Window

2. Now select Browse to open the files to be merged. Click Ok and watch the magic happen! Don’t be alarmed that your picture may end up like mine did below. This is normal.

PF Merged

3. To achieve our finished product first Merge Layers. With all layers selected choose Layer > Merge Layers.

4. Finally use the Free Transform Tool (Edit > Free Transform) to straighten the picture and the Crop Tool to eliminate the outside areas. That’s it!

IN ADDITION: Photomerge can be used on documents vertically as well as horizontally too! Let me explain. A client wanted me to make a new ad out of their spliced, smeared, and wrinkled scanned one. By using Photomerge and some creative cloning I was able to make it happen. Below is the before and after pics.

Kimbrell Pieces

Kimbrells Final web

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