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Be Kind

Walking in the city

My latest design, a simple plea to be kind.


  1. Johan

    I love the use of mixed elements in this piece. The visual contrast between the clean sans-serif typeface and the stylized graffiti really gives the composition an elements of interest. The only issue I have is that my eyes instantly go to the graffiti on the right and want to stay there. I have to force myself to look to my left to the read the statement. Maybe if there was some way you could add something bright on the left side to catch the eyes’ attention, then it would be more successful!

    • wayne

      Thank you Johan for the compliments and suggestion. You are correct, the graffiti is the main focal point and I’m glad that your eyes want to linger there. This was my intent. I want people to linger and study and think about the messages in the graffiti and feel the emotion, but at the same time I do not want it to take away from the entirety of the message. As a result, I revisited the piece and made a slight adjustment based on your observation. I do feel like it does make it more complete without detracting from my original intent. Thanks!

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