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Blue Light Humor

Blue Light

Remember Kmart? You know, the retail department store that was once well-known for its “Blue Light Specials“? Yea, that’s the one, well they recently enlisted the help of the ad agency DraftFCB to release some rather unusual (for Kmart), witty, memorable, and quite amusing commercials. It’s a surprising change from a store that at one time competed with Walmart for market shares before falling into financial trouble and later merging with Sears to try to stay afloat. Their videos on YouTube have been an instant hit, but this doesn’t mean they are generating sales. In fact, according to MSN Money while Sears is making progress, Kmart is holding them back.

Personally, I rarely shop at Kmart. Sometimes I will though just because I don’t want the hassle of crowds at other stores, which ironically is why Kmart is in the shape its in. Will Kmart survive or will they one day be a distant memory? Only time will tell, but if they eventually go to the grave with other department stores of long ago, at least they will go out with a smile.


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