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LIVE Blog Tour – The Process

Here I am again. Sitting at my laptop (MacBook Pro to be specific) enjoying the carousel of thoughts skipping merrily through my head, sipping on an Ale8 One – one of the finest beverages ever placed in a glass bottle. I know I haven’t posted in a little while. Besides my regular full-time job, I’ve had the pleasure of doing some freelance work as well as creating some new personal designs. But alas! Here it is! The long-awaited post….Ale8

I was tagged by the very inspirational Shannon Childs and her blog Doodles Invigorate to be a part of a blog tour. Her blog is full of original doodles, inspirational thoughts, and honest reflections on life that encourage and uplift others.

Those that I would like to tag on this tour have provided me with encouragement, sometimes guidance, laughter, and other times hope and inspiration. First is Steven and his blog MoodsAPlenty. Steven is a talented artist, super witty, encouraging, and is a refreshing voice in the sea of the mundane. He always leaves me wondering what he will post next. Another blogger on this tour is Amber or Ambeau as she is known and her blog AmberLeRoux. Amber is a gifted graphic designer whose blog is a mixture of design, humor and life adventures that bring inspiration to each day. She adds value with her creativity and the steady variety of topics she presents.

And now for the scary part…a peak inside my brain!brain

What am I working on as a writer?
My mind is always going. You could ask me almost at any time of day what I am thinking about and the chances are very good that my answer would be something related to my next design idea or blog post. I strive to make quality content that is relevant, reflective, sometimes funny, and always inspirational that people will enjoying reading or looking at. My motto is to think creatively and inspire others to live a life of creativity.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I try to duplicate what is in my head. Sometimes I am successful and other times I am not, but I feel like my work is as diverse as my thoughts.  I like to keep things simple, thought-provoking, and almost always there is more than what appears obvious in my designs. I really enjoy the psychology behind design. For me, it is not just about something looking good or sounding good, but also the reasoning behind it. I’m one of those people who can stare at a piece of art or a design for extended amounts of time thinking about the colors, the shapes, the negative space, the font choice, style and subject and how it all interacts with each other. I think about not only what the artist’s purpose may have been in creating the piece, but also how it speaks to me.

Why do I write what I do?
I write about what interests me – what I am passionate about – which is mainly art and graphic design and on occasion a ramble or rant. I also enjoy poetry and classic literature. Sometimes I will even bust out a poem. Oddly enough when I started this blog, poems were the only thing going through my head. So three of my first four posts were poems I wrote. There have also been times where I’ve posted photography of places I’ve been. I would like to do more artistic photography in the future, but so far it hasn’t made it to the top of my list.

How does my writing process look?
That is a great question. Ideas and inspiration can hit me at any time. I have folders on my desktop of ideas for future designs and blog posts and I have a small chest full of scrap paper that I’ve jotted down quick sketches or phrases for things I’d like to create. From there, more sketches could be done or I could dive right into a design program on my laptop and start creating or writing. No matter what time of day that I write something or create a new design, I like to let it set for at least a day and revisit it before I post it. This helps me reflect on what I’ve done and make revisions if necessary.

And now that you’ve made it to the end of my post, here is a look into my little nook of happiness, full of papers and notes, trinkets and oddities, where I write and create stuff.

Desk Blog Tour

UPDATE: my writing space has since been greatly updated from what is pictured here, however, it is fun to look back and see where I’ve come from 🙂


  1. Steven

    Thanks very much again for including me in this, Wayne. Very flattering! I could write about yourself exactly what you have written about me. 🙂

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