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Men in Makeup

Colonel Blur

Anthony Kosar’s character “Colonel Candy”

Who doesn’t love to see men (and women) in makeup? Ok, well how about special effects makeup then? Over the last few years, I have become fascinated by the special effects makeup show Face Off on the SyFy network. No other television show that I know demonstrates so many creative disciplines as they do in this competition. These highly specialized artists must be well versed in drawing, sculpting, conceptualizing, painting, fabricating, casting and molding, and crafting functional accessories and props from ordinary items.

Now I must admit that I am in no way an expert with special effects makeup, but I was intrigued after watching the first episode, and developed a deep appreciation and admiration for the skill set of a special effects makeup artist. Previously, I was unaware of the enormous amount of time, persistence, and talent involved in creating such amazing characters.

Each episode focuses on a different theme with one person being eliminated each week until the last three battle for the chance to win a new car, a substantial cash prize, and a complete line of makeup supplies from Kryolan. For each character, the artists are given a total of 19 1/2 hours over three days to create a concept and storyline for their creation and execute a complete, full-body, cohesive makeup and application. Needless to say, the competition is an intense test of time management skills as well as overall talent.NUP_164716_0683.JPGIf you’re not familiar with the show, I invite you to watch some episodes for free on the SyFy Face Off website. I highly recommend it! Strictly from an artistic point of view, the show is enlightening and may well open your eyes as it did for me to areas of the arts you haven’t experienced before.

I’ve also inserted a YouTube video below where you can see the models morphing or being transformed into extraordinary creations.

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